Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Patriotic Americana with Antique Quilts

One of the best ways to decorate in an Americana theme is to use antique quilts!  There are so many that are done in red, white and blue, and we think it has been a popular theme since the 1800s.
If you don't have a quilt in red, white and blue, use a couple of quilts in blue and white, and red and white to get the same look.
We also love vintage flags. It is easy to find ones that have a wonderful patina, aged over years of use or storage. These look the best with antique quilts. If you cannot find vintage flags, tea dye the new ones for a great vintage feel.
We have found some great, antique red, white a blue bunting from the early 1900s on some of our buying trips. We always snap it up when we find it! It is perfect for decorating with.

We love the USA and we love to show it! God bless America, and all those who have fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.

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