Monday, September 21, 2020

Transforming a 1970s Bedroom into Farmhouse Style!

 This summer, my daughter and son-in-law bought a cabin on a beautiful lake. It was quite the fixer-upper and to say I was a bit worried, would be an understatement.

 It has only been a month, and the transformation is amazing. I will be posting photos of it as it comes along, but first, I wanted to share a special bedroom in it.

 The cabin has 3 downstairs bedrooms and I asked if I could decorate one of them.  We got a big thumbs' up.

Now, this is what we had to work with:

Ugh!  The original room right from 1973, complete with green shag carpet, hollow core sliding doors and an awkward window, too high and too short.

My dream was to make it into a farmhouse/fishing cabin mash up. Something that both men and women would feel comfortable in.

 Our kids painted the walls a soft gray and put down laminate floors. The stage was set! 

Now for the budget. As cheap as possible!

The room was overcome by the large, dark, hollow core sliding doors. We decided to transform them into barn doors. We took them off the runners, primed and painted them white. We took a 1/4" sheet of plywood from Lowe's and asked them to cut it at 3" wide pieces. These were then attached to the 2 side doors (the middle one would have to remain without the strips so the side doors could move over the middle one).  I bought farmhouse handles on Amazon.  When we re-installed the doors, we put the middle one in the back, and the two side doors were brought to the front. I really love how they turned out!

Cost: 1 4 x 8' (1/4" deep) piece of plywood $22, left over paint and nails/glue, Handles $18.59.

Total for total door transformation $40.59

Now for the wall behind those doors...I wanted an accent wall with a rustic feel, at as little cost as possible and we decided to do a faux brick with plaster and paint.

We started with a light grey wall, if yours is not a light color like gray or taupe, you will want to paint it first, thinking of the color of your "grout"

Using a level, we marked off the horizontal lines first with a pencil, noting that the ceiling was not level and that we would have to make do on the top"grout" line, making sure the "bricks" are perfectly level.

After the horizontal lines are drawn, we cut out a stencil of a brick, with a piece of cardboard. We decided that 8 x 3" would be perfect for us.  We placed the brick stencil at the top left side and drew our vertical line on the right side. We continued across the wall. When starting the second row of bricks, we folded our brick stencil in half, and started with a half brick, then continued across with full bricks.

After all the lines are drawn out, start to tape the horizontal lines, leaving tabs at the ends of the walls, these will be important when you are pulling the tape off.

Now, tape the vertical lines, being careful to not have any overhang past where the "grout" would go.

After taping, we decided that the tape lines were much too perfect, and we really wanted an old-world used brick look. We took a butter knife and gently pushed the tape around to give the look of crumbled old bricks.

Next is the really messy part. Apply your Spackle with a trowel, we used a 4" one to apply, and then a 2" one to add lines and texture, thinking about what a brick surface should look like.  When finished with the Spackle, we immediately started pulling the tape off (very messy, use gloves and tarps).


That was all we could do, until it dried completely. The next day, around 24 hours later, the "bricks" were dry enough to paint.


We used acrylic paints in black, white and brown, mixing up 4 different shades of grays from cool to warm. Using a 1" artist brush, we dry brushed very little paint in a random fashion. Go lightly and sporadically over the wall, then stand back and decide if you want more color.

We were thrilled with the outcome!


Cost: 2 Proform Professional Formula Lite 1 gallon (wal-mart) @ $6.97 each, 2 rolls of 1/2" masking tape @ $ 1.95 each.

Total for faux brick wall transformation: 17.82 (we had our own trowels that we used)


Stay tuned for the rest of the room, coming soon! 

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Ideas for Decorating with Vintage and Antique Quilts

Ideas for Antique & Vintage Quilt Decorating by Vintageblessings

The Antique Quilt Collection
Decorating with Antique and Vintage Quilts
By Trish Failla, Vintageblessings

Antique and vintage American handmade quilts are perfect for decorating with.  They can bring color and design to a large wall (which can be burdensome to decorate) as well as any surface of your home!

If you love the look of design magazine room photos,  then you will realize quickly that many of the items in these rooms are one of a kind. They are collected over time, and not ordered from catalogs that offer the same item by the thousands.

Quilt collectors already know the value (as well as the investment aspect) of antique quilts. They already know that a tangible, beautiful piece of textile art can not only be an investment, but bring joy to our daily lives, all the while decorating our homes.  So much more fun than a stuffy old stock or bond!

When looking for your quilt, always, always, make sure you are dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable quilt dealer.  You should first find the design and color that you love, then check for condition and quality of workmanship. If you will be using the quilt in your home, is the quilt clean? If not, is it able to be cleaned?

There are endless ways to decorate with antique quilts.  Here are some great ideas for you:

Sun Valley Chalet, Idaho

One of my dear customers and friends, Maureen, has chosen an incredible appliqued 1930s Tree of Life quilt for her Sun Valley home.  She chose to hang it in her entryway, where it surely cannot be missed and all can admire and smile, finding the stitching and creativity an amazing feat. Her coordinating quilt pillows and antique bench are the perfect touch for her vignette for this welcoming place. (Quilts and pillows from Vintageblessings)


The Guest Room

If you have a room that you can take a peak in every time you pass, this is the place to layer your quilts!
Start with antique linens, especially nice is using handmade, lace trimmed sheets and pillow cases.  Chose your quilts with a common color thread, and they will look perfect together!  Each time you pass by, you can smile and enjoy your smart and savvy investment!

A Christmas Carole

Nothing will bring the holiday spirit to your home, quite like decorating with antique quilts. Now is the time to layer your treasures with greens and reds, pairing with antique redwork and fine laces.



Heirloom Gifts to Remember

Imagine the joy of an antique quilt under the tree....if you are fortunate enough to receive one, have an embroidery shop make you a label for the back. State the date, to who, from who, and the era of the quilt.

For Example:
"A gift to my daughter Bree Jaynes on Christmas day 2014, Love Always, Your Mother, Patricia Failla.  (c1880 Ocean Waves Antique Quilt)"
It will not only be a treasured gift this year, but one that will be handed down thru the generations. Yes, you CAN pass down your own heirlooms if you don't have any from your own family!  Just be sure to document the occasion to help the future generations fully appreciate it!


 The Cottage Home

Delicate florals, soft pastels, time worn wooden bowls and fresh flowers in a mason jar.
The smell of fresh baked bread and honeysuckle on a summer day.
The sound of a wooden screen door slamming as a friend, or grandchildren burst thru the backdoor. 
Enhance your own cottage home with antique and vintage American quilts.  This lovely 1930-40s sweetpea applique quilt was chosen for a very special home in Alaska, by Sue. She has a fabulous quilt collection that she truly enjoys.





The Primitive Country Home

It is always relaxing in a primitive country home, with the well worn finishes, you can always put your feet up, and children are a delight!  Use antique quilts on tables, walls and stack in cupboards so you can enjoy them everyday!






The Romantic

Pink and white and all that is right, that is the romantic, quilt filled home. So sweet, comfortable and beautiful. Choose pastels and quilts of the depression era (1930-40s) for your ultimate vignette!






The Antique Filled, Classic Home

We chose a blue and white theme for this guest bedroom, an easy way to coordinate with beautiful antique prints and samplers. We started with a bedroom set that belonged to our dear Great Aunt Dorothy.  We layered with antique linens and laces in white. Beautiful.





Layering is the key

For exhibiting a wonderfully large collection, think of layering!  Rotate your collection every month, for a new look. Fabulous! 
Don't have a large antique quilt that will fit a king or queen size bed (there are very few that were made large enough for todays' beds)  Use your antique quilt at the foot of the bed like I do. Remove it at night.  I used several patterns of Ralph Lauren for my bed ensemble, and the antique basket quilt goes fabulously with it, at the end of the bed.



One of the easiest and prettiest ways to show your quilt collection is to fold and stack.  Remember to refold monthly.






Go Up!

Ladders look great in the farmhouse as well as the New York City loft.
What a great way to showcase your collection as well as adding color, design and appeal to your home!  You can find ladders locally at salvage shops, on craigslist or your local orchard (just ask, they will sell at a reasonable price!)





Little Quilts Around the House

So easy to use the little doll quilts around the home, on a table, a wall or hang out of a basket for a wonderful country look!  We find early, well quilted quilts that have damage on some areas, and make small quilts with them. See our store for "doll and table" quilts to use throughout your home.




Go Small!

Antique doll quilts make wonderful wall or table quilts. Small in scale as well as size, these little beauties will fit anywhere!





I love the look of quilts in cabinets, from whitewashed pine to a deep mahogany. You cannot go wrong. Just remember to rotate and refold monthly!





Table Quilts

Yes, quilts look amazing on tables. Just do not have an actual dinner on them!  How many of us have a dining room that is rarely used?  Why not spread out your antique quilt and enjoy it daily?


What could be better than using a bannister to display your quilt collection?  This shows an amazing home that not only using the bannister, but also fills up that huge white wall. Gorgeous!












In closing....

My own antique quilt filled bedroom, a sanctuary to fall into at the end of the day. It is easy to integrate true, American antique quilts with any style home, I hope you have enjoyed ours and will leave your feedback and comments!  Kindest regards, trish, Vintageblessings

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christmas Memories

Antique Quilts make wonderful gifts
With Christmas on the way, what brings back the wonderful memories for you?

Perhaps the fresh smell of pine trees and cinnamon.

The crackling of an open fire.

The joy and laughter of children.

The promise of a grand dinner with all the fixings.

This year, consider an heirloom gift to tuck under the tree. We have beautiful antique quilts to cherish, and are sure to delight the new owner.

Make it memorable and add a label to the back, commemorating the occasion. "I give this antique c1880 quilt to my cherished daughter, Christina, on Christmas 2017. Susan White"

We hope this holiday season will bring you many wonderful memories!

Trish, Taylor and Allison, Vintageblessings

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Make a Cherished Wedding Memory Using Vintage Quilts

vintage quilt, antique quilt, wedding, bridal
If you are getting married, or perhaps your child or a grandchild is getting married, you will be thinking about how to make this day memorable and special.

In the old days, quilts were made in anticipation of the wedding day. Special quilts, called whitework, Bridal quilts, had special meaning, of chastity. We have some of these special quilts in our store. This one has designs of doves and roses:

bridal, whitework, wedding, doves, roses
This vintage bridal quilt features lovely quilting patterns of doves and roses

One way to have a cherished family heirloom from the wedding, is to use or gift an antique quilt. Many families do not have these in their family, so buying one and starting a new tradition is fun to do!  

If you decide to gift an antique quilt, be sure to have an embroidered label made up for it, stating the date and other important information. The label could look like this:

antique quilt, wedding heirloom, wedding gift quilt
Sample of a Quilt Label that could be applied to your heirloom gift quilt

Another idea to make an instant family heirloom, is to use a antique quilt in the wedding itself. Savvy brides have used great quilts for photo backdrops, canopies, and table covers. After the wedding, attach a photo with the wedding information to the quilt and be ready to hand down thru the generations. These kind of pieces can tie the future generations to the past. Imagine if you had a quilt that was photographed and used in your grandparents' wedding in the early 1900s! Yes, I agree, this would be an amazing heirloom to have!

Here are some photos to inspire you to use an antique quilt in your upcoming wedding:

vintage quilt, wedding gift, family heirloom
Fabulous 1930s Flower Garden Quilt used as a backdrop in this country wedding

 Beautiful vintage 1930s Grandmothers' Flower Garden Quilt is used for a backdrop. Perfect!

Here, one of the tables (the gift or guest book table would be lovely) is transformed with a gorgeous vintage quilt:

vintage quilt, wedding, heirloom gift
Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt as a Tablecloth

Other sweet ideas include using as a wedding canopy (huppah):

Such a charming frame for this outdoor wedding, use for photographing:

vintage quilt, wedding heirloom, photography backdrop 

Bridal Couple on an antique quilt, photo idea

Even though I would have used a much prettier quilt😉 (see Vintageblessings Quilts) you get the idea that this would make a wonderful engagement or wedding photograph idea:

Beautiful vintage quilt in a hammock, great wedding photo idea
Can you imagine how sweet this photo would be with the couple in the hammock?

In closing, if you have any wedding photos using Antique or Vintage quilts, send to us at for a $10 coupon on your next purchase! We would love to see what others have come up with!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Patriotic Americana with Antique Quilts

One of the best ways to decorate in an Americana theme is to use antique quilts!  There are so many that are done in red, white and blue, and we think it has been a popular theme since the 1800s.
If you don't have a quilt in red, white and blue, use a couple of quilts in blue and white, and red and white to get the same look.
We also love vintage flags. It is easy to find ones that have a wonderful patina, aged over years of use or storage. These look the best with antique quilts. If you cannot find vintage flags, tea dye the new ones for a great vintage feel.
We have found some great, antique red, white a blue bunting from the early 1900s on some of our buying trips. We always snap it up when we find it! It is perfect for decorating with.

We love the USA and we love to show it! God bless America, and all those who have fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring is in the AIR

We have stocked up with the best, spring beautiful, vintage quilts! SHOP HERE:

Vintageblessings Store

We love to layer vintage quilts to create a one of a kind bedroom. Here we have Vintage 1930s quilts, applique and patchwork that all work together.

Grandmothers Flower Garden, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Sawtooth and the classic Wedding Ring, all in yellow and purple. Beautiful!

We love birds, and the folkier the better!

Peach sets the stage for this incredible vignette!