Sunday, June 10, 2012

Authentic Antique Baltimore Album Quilt

antique baltimore album quilt at Vintageblessings

Close-up of an Antique Baltimore Album Quilt at Vintageblessings

Close-up of Turkey Red Fabric Baltimore Album Quilt
Close-up of the gorgeous Turkey Red Fabric

I want to share an amazing find, a Baltimore Album Quilt from the 1850s.

Found in Pasadena California and sold to a quilt collector in California

My most exquisite quilt ever found!


  1. AB FAB!!! Do you own this now -- it is so beautiful.

  2. I wish I did, but alas, this one was destined to be in a collection much greater than mine!

  3. Thanks for posting. So glad to see all the closeups and the quilting patterns. Interesting how the white thread was used to applique.