Sunday, April 28, 2013

Antique Fabrics

Antique Fabrics at our Vintageblessings store
Antique Fabrics are stocked in our store
Antique fabrics are one of my many weaknesses, and this latest collection that I have acquired has left me weak in the knees!

We have a mountain of 19th century cottons, wool challis and silks. From calico to brocades. Indigo blue, turkey red, strong, unfaded purples, chrome yellow, cheddar, double pink and shaker grays. If you love the early ones, be sure and check in often!

We will also be doing some larger groupings at auction on ebay after May 1

A lot of our friends are "fabriholics" (I, myself, am in this catagory)  The art, the design, the feel and even the way the early ones smell, tickle all my senses!

Many of our friends use these authentic fabrics to restore antique quilts.  If you don't use fabric from the era that the quilt was made, it diminishes the value and appeal.

We have every kind of fabric to restore quilts, from Victorian fancy silks and embroideries to homespun plaids.

Vintageblessings is always on the treasure hunt for the best vintage fabrics, so visit often, we are listing as fast as we can! 

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