Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt made of Feedsacks
1930-1940's Quilt made of feedsacks
This morning, I want to celebrate feedsacks, and the beautiful quilts that were made from them.

Imagine not having an extra cent to your name. Struggling to live thru the great depression was something most of us today could never imagine.

My Grandma told me that they had rations. For meat, oil, gas, sugar. They had meatless meatloaf and eggs for supper more than she could count. They made sandwiches of bread and bacon grease.

Buying fabric for a new dress was something they couldn't even imagine, much less do.  They used the white bags that the seed and feed for the farm animals came in. They worked their hands raw to remove the printed labels. They fashioned this fabric into everything that they needed, from underwear to tablecloths.

More to come.....

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